Decking Profiles and Boards

100% wood-free, water and skid resistant, splinter-free

One of the most desirable and appealing features of outdoor designs is a wood or wood-like decking. With the constant exposure to the rough environmental factors, for instance beating sun or driving rain many products, such as local timber, do not withstand the test of time, and the tropical hardwoods are very costly to maintain.

Fortunately all of those problems fade away thanks to Resysta decking, which offers all the benefits of wood without any downfalls. No swelling, no graying, no cracking and no splintering allow customers to enjoy the variety of Resysta profiles with natural look and feel of tropical wood with minimum maintenance required.

Solid structure for decking

A solid substructure is an essential foundation for any decking project. It provides the structural support that is mecessary to hold the weight of the decking materials, as well as any furniture, appliances, or other items that may be placed on the deck. A solid substructure also helps to ensure that the deck remains level and stable, even under the stresses of weather and use.

There are several reasons why a solid substructure is needed for decking:

To provide structural support: The primary function of a substructure is to provide the necessary support for the decking materials and any other items that may be placed on the deck. Without a solid substructure, the decking materials may sag, warp, or even collapse under the weight of these items.

To maintain stability: A solid substructure helps to ensure that the deck remains level and stable, even under the stresses of weather and use. This is especially important for decks that are built on uneven or sloping ground, as a solid substructure can help to level out the surface and provide a stable foundation.

To prevent moisture damage: A substructure that is not properly designed or constructed can allow moisture to penetrate into the underlying structure, leading to rot and other types of damage. By providing a solid, moisture-resistant foundation, a solid substructure can help to prevent moisture damage and prolong the life of the deck.

To meet building code requirements: In many areas, building codes require that decks be built on a solid substructure that meets certain structural and safety standards. By building a solid substructure that meets these requirements, you can ensure that your deck is safe and compliant with local regulations.

In summary, a solid substructure is an essential foundation for any decking project. It provides the necessary structural support, stability, and moisture protection to ensure that the decking materials remain in good condition and the deck is safe and functional for years to come

Estimate your deck costs

Here at Resysta, we have structured a built in calculator to give you an estimated cost that would be tailored to your project and budget needs.

Material costs for a composite deck may run between $16-23.50 a square foot. This would include substructure, decking, and fasteners. Only Resysta Decking is your best selection for your project and budget requirements.


price per profile / sqft

0.00 sqft

Estimated costs:


Price various on profile, color & region

Further questions?

Labor time

Working time is the biggest cost factor when building your terrace.

The planning and preparation of the substructure or boards is also part of this.

Here you will find our partners who are professionally at your side in the conception and execution of your project.


There are different versions of profiles. Differences are in the thickness of the planks and the width or whether you want a solid material or with hollow chanels.

Also note that depending on the distributor, you can also get the boards ready glazed in standard or special colors and sealed.

Here you can experiment a bit with different colors

Area size

Of course, the shape of the terrace and the size of the area is crucial. These determine the labor and material costs.

With our cost calculator, you can get a rough idea of ​​what your terrace will cost. Only right-angled shapes can be considered.

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